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Nano Tech Body Coat: A premium quality super hydrophobic durable spray on - rinse off protective coating that is perfect for gloss paintwork!

Size: 500ml

Nano Tech Body Coat is a premium quality super hydrophobic spray on – rinse off protective ceramic spray coating for all your gloss paintwork & wheels. Over 12 months of intensive R&D went on behind the scenes with this before being released so we could ensure it stacked up against some of the harshest weather conditions Australia has to offer all year round. 

Allot of complex chemistry & science is behind Nano Tech Body Coat, it fills in microscopic scratches with its fortified silica (SiO2) content (something most "Spray Sealants" don't do or have), whilst also providing a super hydrophobic layer on gloss paintwork that is extremely durable (requires 24hrs to cure after drying) that's super slick to the touch thanks to the special silicone polymers used. Provides an almost glass like look & feel which gives ultra-tight water beading on gloss paintwork. When using a low stream of water, Body Coat provides excellent water sheeting capabilities too as we formulated this to mimic the same water behaviour found in "solvent based" ceramic coatings (that require professional application).  

Body Coat has an average durability of 12-16 months (sometimes even longer) if paintwork is washed regularly, correctly & kept away from the outside elements on a regular basis (weekend cars). On the extreme other end of the spectrum, Body Coat has an average durability of up to 9 months on gloss paintwork that is exposed to the elements 24/7 & washed regularly (daily drivers).

  • 10% SiO2
  • UV Protection
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Excellent Slickness
  • ph Neutral Formulation
  • Super Hydrophobic Ingredients
  • Long Lasting Protection & Ultra Tight Water Beading 
  • Read extra info tab before applying Nano Tech Body Coat.
  • Not suitable for any matt/matte, satin or semi-gloss paintwork.
  • Not suitable for any vinyl wraps &/or paint protection films (PPF).
  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Avoid breathing in vapours, mist or spray.
  3. Avoid skin and eye contact
  4. Wash hands after use
  5. Do not keep Potions stored inside vehicle
  6. Do not use Nano Tech Body Coat on any wraps or films including paint protection films (PPF)
  7. Do not use Nano Tech Body Coat on any matt, matte, satin or semi-gloss paintwork.

Nano Tech Body Coat is designed for paintwork that has gloss clear coat & nothing else on top of it which means:

  • Not suitable or designed for matt, matte, satin or semi-gloss paintwork
  • Not suitable or designed for any vinyl wraps/stickers including matt, matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss & chrome finishes.
  • Not suitable or designed for ANY paint protection films (PPF) as this can cause issues for old & already damaged PPF.