How should I care for my steering wheel wrap?

Because we use genuine leather, you'll need to be careful with what products you use to clean your steering wheel wrap.

A dedicated leather cleaner with a microfibre cloth is best, however a slightly damp microfibre cloth will work just fine. This is also the preferred cleaning method for the vegan leather wrap variants.

With Alcantara®, it's a little different. To keep your Alcantara® cover looking its best - a quick brush down with a leather or dedicated Alcantara® brush after each use will be sufficient. This will enable you to never really need to use any cleaning product on your Alcantara® steering wheel cover.

We understand this is not realistic for most people and so if your Alcantara® steering wheel cover looks like it needs some TLC - A dedicated Alcantara® cleaner and a microfibre cloth will work wonders.

Do your steering wheel wraps come with a warranty?

Yes of course! All steering wheel wraps come with an 12 month warranty.

There are a few points to keep in mind where our warranty won't apply:

  • Alcantara® if not cleaned regularly can develop a matted down look and appear faulty. This is not the case and the Alcantara® cover just needs to be cleaned.
  • Damage from normal wear and tear is not covered under our warranty. As much as we would love our products to stand the test of time, it will begin to change and wear after regular use, or improper cleaning - just like your original steering wheel would. The benefit of having your wrap wear out is far better than having your original steering wheel wear out, as replacing your entire steering wheel is far costlier.
  • Damage from improper installation is also not covered under our warranty. Each wrap is perfectly cut to fit your exact steering wheel. It is here that we ask that you pay extra attention when installing your wrap to ensure it is centred and properly positioned all the way around. Care must also be taken when tucking the edges under your steering wheel trim as doing so too hard will damage the wrap.

Will the wrap damage my steering wheel?

Quite the opposite! Our steering wheel wraps are perfectly safe to use on your steering wheel and not only will it make your steering wheel look and feel brand new, it will keep your original steering wheel in tip top condition.

Is the steering wheel wrap permanent?

No. Our steering wheel wraps are like traditional steering wheel covers in the sense that they are also removable. If your wrap is looking like it has seen better days, or you're just looking to change styles again - simply cut out the thread and remove the wrap.

If you've used the double sided tape which has been included - simply wipe off with warm soapy water.

How thick are your wraps?

Our steering wheel wraps are made of various materials and their thicknesses is outlined below:

  • Genuine Leather: 1.4mm ± 0.05mm
  • Vegan Leather: 1.4mm ± 0.05mm
  • Alcantara: 1.2mm ± 0.05mm
  • Carbon Fibre (Vinyl) 1.3mm ± 0.05mm

What is your return policy?

All steering wheels wraps are customised by you, and made to order thus not eligible for return. 

If your steering wheel wrap arrives damaged - we will gladly offer you a replacement upon inspection of the damage. In this instance, we ask that you send an email to as soon as possible with a photo of the damaged product.