As an authorised Blackvue supplier and installer, you can be rest assured that our installation is of a very high standard with warranty. 

We also welcome you to supply us with your own dash cameras if you preferred a different brand.


All of our dash cam installations are hardwired. What this means is that we do not use your cigarette lighter to power the cameras, but instead wire it into your fusebox.

  • Cars without a tail gate - starting from $250  
  • Cars with a tail gate - starting from $300
  • Trucks - Get in touch for a quote
  • LTE Module connectivity - Supply a data sim card and you will be able to receive notifications, view footage, and view your cameras from anywhere in the world remotely
  • Backup battery - A dedicated battery pack ensures your dash cam remains powered and doesn’t soley rely on your cars battery for power. This has many benefits, with the largest benefit being extended Parking Mode times. 1 hour of comprised daily driving for example will provide up to 30 hours of dash cam powering while your car is parked (B130X).

Based on the Blackvue DR970X 2CH Camera:

  • Front Camera in 4K UHD
  • Rear Camera in Full HD 1080P
  • Native Parking mode
  • Built-in power management
  • Built-in WIFI and GPS
  • The majority of dash cam installs will take us roughly 1.5 hours. However, every car is different so some installations may require more time to complete.